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The association is the umbrella organisation for all local affiliated rowing Clubs in the county of Cambridgeshire. It looks after the interests of the local rowing community as well as providing facilities and events for them. 

On this site you will find links to websites for the affiliated clubs for the Cambridgeshire Rowing Association, news from local rowing clubs, and infomation and links to details of local rowing events.


OLD CRA (Kimberley Road) boathouse  - upstream-bay roller-doors out of action

 Please note that the roller-doors to the most upstream bay of the old CRA boathouse are currently (20 August) not working.  Urgent replacement of these has been arranged by the CRA committee, and approved by the trustees, and new electrically-powered shutter-doors will be fitted.  No details of the timescale for the work to be completed are yet available, but it will be completed as soon as practically possible.  In the meantime, any boats stored in the upstream bay of old CRA (principally sculling-boats, tub and IVs) will not be available for use, unless your club has made alternative racking arrangements pro-tem.



 The timetable for the work on the new-bridge jetty has been updated.  Work to install the jetty carrying the cyclepath on the Ditton side will occur btween 15 and 26 August, according to the timetable to be found here:  https://www.greatercambridge.org.uk/transport/transport-projects/chisholm-trail   Note that the river (and occasionally the towpath) will be closed to boats and people for several periods within this timeframe - please check before planning outings and/or coaching

NOTE: the installation of the actual bridge will now be delayed until NOVEMBER - the bridge is heavy enough to require one of the largest cranes in the UK to lift it into position, and someone in the project apparently forgot to book it. 




 Between 20 July and 16 August (with a possible additional 5-day contingency, and a possible extra 3-day delay, meaning 24 August), the main installation work for the new cycle-bridge next to the railway bridge will be executed.  There will be various river-closures during this period (variously daytime 8am-6pm and night-time 6pm-8am), and some closures of Fen Road.  All the details of these can be found here:  https://content.govdelivery.com/accounts/UKGCP/bulletins/2959e8d , together with information on the planned opening-dates for the new jetty and bridge, and contact details for the liason managers.   Please take note of the intended closure-dates and plan accordingly.  







Black Lives Matter


 The object of the Cambridgeshire Rowing Association is the promotion of community participation in healthy recreation, in particular by the provision of facilities for participants in the sport of rowing by assisting in the organisation of local affiliated rowing clubs in the county of Cambridgeshire and managing the interests of the local rowing community providing information and the organisation of events.


There is no place for racism in rowing.  The Association has been in existence for over 150 years and during that time each of the individual clubs have opened their membership to all, regardless of race, creed or gender.   None of the constituent clubs will tolerate discrimination of any kind towards members.  If the CRA learns of such discrimination, it will immediately take serious issue with those responsible and would expect the unhesitating support of their club, and of all the other constituent clubs in doing so.  At present, we are not aware of any such.

Whilst we do not consider the organisation of protest events to be within the purview of the CRA, we wish to express our sympathy with and support for victims of discrimination everywhere


 Bill Key

President, Cambridgeshire Rowing Association.






On 22 May, the CRA official guidance on using the CRA boathouses changed in line with government and British Rowing advice..  Subject to the conditions below, the CRA boathouses will open again for use on Thursday 28th May, following a preparatory deep-clean.  Use of boats must follow your club's own rules on boating.  Please read the advice below.  

All users please note that you use the boathouses at your own risk, and that your use puts others at risk


It is not possible for the CRA to eliminate the risk of the spread of the Covid-19 virus, but we can minimise the risk if everyone takes responsibility not only for their own safety but for that of other users and their households.It is not possible for the CRA to eliminate the risk of the spread of the Covid-19 virus, but we can minimise the risk if everyone takes responsibility not only for their own safety but for that of other users and their households.User clubs will have agreed different policies for the use of their own equipment. Please comply fully with your own club’s safety rules; the guidance from British Rowing; and government guidance about social distancing and exercise, in addition to the usual Row Safe guidance.

Those using the CRA boathouses must comply with the following rules





NOTE: There may be sanitiser, wipes, and paper towels available in the CRA but there will not be anyone ‘on duty’ to clean or sanitise the building or the equipment or able to check the availability of sanitising materials at all times


  • No-one may use the CRA boathouses without express permission from their Club
  • No-one may use the CRA boathouses without express permission from their Club
  • Do not come to the boathouse if you feel unwell
  • Bring your own sanitiser and use it. While all users are required to sanitise adequately after their outings, you are advised to assume that they have not done so and should sanitise for your own protection
  • Wear a suitable face-covering at all times while in the boathouse before and after your outing
  • Logan’s Way only: Sanitise your hands before unlocking the gate. Use the pedestrian gate, and you must re-lock the gate behind you, so it remains locked whilst you are on the water
  • Sanitise your hands before unlocking the door and entering the boathouse• Arrive changed and ready for your outing
  • Do not use the changing rooms or toilets except in an emergency. If you have to use them, wipe down all surfaces with sanitiser afterwards
  • Keep at least 2m distance from any other user (unless they are members of your own household). If this means delaying your outing, be patient
  • Use only the equipment which you have been allocated by your club. You may want to sanitise it before you use it
  • Register your use of the boathouse at https://bit.ly/cra-bh-use to enable contact tracing in the event of any user becoming ill. Owners of private boats must also sign in and out in the same way
  • Close the doors while you are out on the water to prevent access by third parties
  • Wipe down with sanitiser all equipment you have used (including trestles, door mechanisms etc)
  • Sanitise your hands before leaving the boathouse and re-sanitise the door handle
  • Be vigilant. If you see other users not complying with the rules, please remind them to do so (and report them if necessary)
  • Contact the Boathouse Manager and your User Club contact immediately if you become illwith Covid-19 like symptoms within 2 weeks of using the boathouse

If anyone is spotted disregarding these safety rules, the boathouses will be closed again for at least a week to allow for decontamination, in the interests of the safety of all users. ACCESS TO THE CRA BOATHOUSES MAY BE REVOKED AT ANY TIME WITHOUT NOTICE



Boathouse Managers: 

Logan’s Way - Conor Burgess: burgess.conor@gmail.com

Kimberley Road -   Nick Siragher: nicksiragher@gmail.comCRA

Secretary - Jo Burch: camrowassociationsecretary@gmail.com



















Please note that the doors of both the CRA Boathouses are in effect closed and that no rowing craft including small boats can be taken onto the water.
If you own a sculling boat and are not a member of a local club or British Rowing this also includes you.
The official British Rowing line is:  "We have updated our FAQs on coronavirus and single sculling to be absolutely clear that all rowing activity including single sculling should cease for the time being"
For advice on COVID-19 and how to avoid it, please see https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/



Welfare of Swans and other wild life on the River C am

swanmaker opt

On Tuesday February a meeting was held between representatives of the Cambridgeshire Rowing Association, Cambridge University Combined Rowing Clubs, the River Manager, The Queen's Swan Marker (David Barber) and Natural England to discuss in particular the welfare of swans and their cygnets during the University and Town Bumping Races.

It was a most useful meeting and recommneded measures will be taken to protect swans and their cygnets during bumping races. Guidelines for rowing clubs on the protection of wildlife on the river have been issued.











   The Bumps



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