CRA Revised Weekend Rowing Arrangements

Revised weekend rowing arrangements between CRA and College Boat Clubs. (Includes Summary of CUCBC Rules of the River).

Weekend Restrictions

  1. During teach full term time College crews will be permitted to boat after 11am on Saturday and Sundays. There will be no restriction on when CRA crews can boat.
  2. For Easter Term 2009 only Sidney Sussex Boat Club can use the river between 8am and 11am due to existing     commitment.
  3. When the river is to be closed on a Sunday for rowing, fishing or other events, the CUCBC Executive Committee will normally give permission for College crews to boat all day on the Saturday of that weekend.
  4. CRA Clubs have been asked by the College captains to endeavour to restrict their use of the river to experienced crews between 5.30pm – 8.00pm during the week in the Easter Term (Late April – Mid June) as CUCBC restricts the use of the river to College crews in the top divisions of the May Bumps during these hours.
  5. During University Vacations there will be no restriction on College rowing at weekends (other than when the river is closed for rowing or fishing events.

Extracts from CUCBC Rules of the River - for the awareness of CRA clubs

Rights of Way

  1. Below Baitsbite Lock and above Chesterton footbridge boats must keep to their right and boats going downstream must give way to boats coming upstream.
  2. Boats going downstream must keep to the non-towpath side of the river until after Ditton Corner when they cross over to the towpath side. At the sign after Grassy Corner, they must cross back to the non-towpath side, and stay on the side until Baitsbite Lock.
  3. Boats going upstream must keep to the towpath side until the middle of the Gut when they must cross to the non-towpath side, taking the inside of Grassy Corner.  At the top of Plough Reach they must cross back to the towpath side, taking the inside of Ditton Corner, and stay on that side until the boathouse.
  4. Where there is any danger of collision, boats going downstream must give way to boats going upstream between Baitsbite Lock and Chesterton footbridge.
  5. All boats (whether going upstream or downstream, and whether rowing or paddling) give way to CUWBC, CULRC, CUBC crews and Trial Eights, subject to general navigation law.

Easying and Overtaking

  1. When a boat easies, it must draw in close to the bank and allow other boats to pass.
  2. No boat may easy on any corner if it is possible to go on, unless preparatory to rowing from the bottom of the Long Reach at Ditton.
  3. No boat may overtake on a corner or when it cannot see that it is safe to do so.
  4. A slower boat being overtaken must give way (pulling in if necessary) to allow a faster boat to pass.


  1. No boat may spin without ascertaining that there is no other boat coming which might be impeded.

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