Boat rack list and boat owners

Rack locations are as follows (RH / LH assumes looking into boathouse from outside) 
A = RH bay, RH side at front
B = RH bay, RH side at rear
C = RH bay, LH side
D = Centre bay, RH side
E = Centre bay, LH side
F = LH bay, RH side
G = LH bay, LH side at front
H = LH bay, LH side at rear
I = Sculling bay, opposite changing rooms
J = Sculling bay, next to changing rooms
K = Sculling bay, to right of folding doors
L = Sculling bay, RH centre of folding doors
M = Sculling bay, LH centre of folding doors
N = Sculling bay, to left of folding doors
Racks are numbers 1-n, starting from bottom. 
Plan of the boat house
Location Rack Rack type Rack renter Boat name Boat type Observations Boat owner
A 1 Short 1x Cantabs Hills Road Virus 1x   Cantabs
A 2 Short 1x Cantabs St Johns Virus 1x   Cantabs
A 3 Short 1x Cantabs Chesterton Virus 1x   Cantabs
A 4 Short 1x Cantabs Rees Thomas Virus 1x   Cantabs
B 1 4 Cantabs The Mottaz 4x+   Cantabs
B 2 4 Cantabs Les Wallis 4+   Cantabs
B 3 4 Cantabs none 4x   Cantabs
B 4 4 Andy Johnson Cantab 4+   Andy Johnson
B 5 4 Cantabs Reg 4+   Cantabs
C 1 8 Cantabs Reward 4x+   Cantabs
C 2 8 Cantabs Inveterate 8 Eaton Cantabs
C 3 8 Cantabs none 8 Burgashell Cantabs
C 4 8 Cantabs Ron Davies 8   Cantabs
C 5 8 Cantabs Vet1 8 Janousek Cambridge Veterans
D 1 8 Cantabs Arthur Beard 8   Cantabs
D 2 8 X-Press Marina 8 Burgashell   X-Press
D 3 8 Cantabs Hazel Donkin 8   Cantabs
D 4 8 Cantabs John Gordon 8   Cantabs
D 5 8 Cantabs Ken Drake 8    
E 1 8 City TH15 8    
E 2 8 X-Press X-Press 8 Janousek   X-Press
E 3 8 Champion Ron 8    
E 4 8 X-Press Subs 8  Burgashell  X-Press
E 5 8 Rob Roy none 8    
F 1 4 Rob Roy The Lady Todd 4x    
F 2 4 X-Press Free Press 21 4+ Burgashell  X-Press
F 3 4 X-Press M-Press 4+ Janousek  X-Press
F 4 4 Rob Roy Bill Blakemore 4x    
F 5 4 Rob Roy Roger Thornely 4x    
G 1 1 Cantabs Flak Alan 1x   Cantabs
G 2 1 Cantabs none 1x Burgashell Cantabs
G 3 1 Cantabs Hazel 1x   Cantabs
G 4 1 Cantabs Collier 1x   Cantabs
G 5 1 Chris Hale Athene 1x   Chris Hale
G 6 1 Cantabs none 1x Janousek Cantabs
G 7 1 Rob Roy none 1x Damaged Glyn Locke  
G 8 1 Rob Roy none 1x Sims  
H 1 1 Clive Rees   1x  2KV  Gunter
H 2 1 City none 1x Janousek  
H 3 1 Roy Grey none 1x Wooden  
H 4 1 Andy Wright Florence Louisa 1x    
H 5 1 Richard Woodham none 1x Janousek  
H 6 1 X-Press Deborah Dewick 1x   X-Press 
H 7 1 Richard Moseley none 1x Eton  
H 8 1 Richard Moseley none 1x wooden  
I 1 1 Rob Roy Naiad 1x Janousek  
I 2 1 Rob Roy none 1x wooden  
I 3 1 Rob Roy none 1x Glyn Locke  
I 4 1 Rob Roy Sarah Springman 1x    
I 5 1 Rob Roy Jan Leczkowski 1x    
I 6 1 Rob Roy Dave Jacobs 1x    
I 7 1 Rob Roy McShane 1x    
J 1 1 Rob Roy none 1x Burgashell  
J 2 1 Rob Roy Curly Galbraith 1x    
J 3 1 Rob Roy Alf Twinn 1x    
J 4 1 Rob Roy none 1x Sims  
J 5 1 Rob Roy none 1x Janousek  
J 6 1 Rob Roy Sugar 1x    
J 7 1 Rob Roy none 1x Sims  
K 1 2 Rob Roy none 2x ARA W2-13  
K 2 2 Rob Roy Ted Mansfield 2x    
K 3 2 Rob Roy Phoebe 2x Janousek  
K 4 2 Rob Roy Humbo 2x    
K 5 2 Rob Roy none 2x Aylings  
L 1 1 Rob Roy Flos 1x    
L 2 1 Rob Roy Eric Rumbelow 1x    
L 3 1 Rob Roy Lionel Rumbelow 1x    
L 4 1 Rob Roy Simon Hames 1x    
L 5 1 Rob Roy none 1x DERIGGED  
L 6 1 Rob Roy none 1x Carl Douglas  
L 7 1 Rob Roy none 1x Sims  
M 1 1 Rob Roy none 1x white  
M 2 1 Rob Roy none 1x yellow  
M 3 1 Rob Roy none 1x HiTec  
M 4 1 Rob Roy Kevin Bowles 1x    
M 5 1 Rob Roy Tony Baker 1x    
M 6 1 Rob Roy Griffin 1x DERIGGED  
M 7 1 Rob Roy Steve Bell 1x    
N 1 2 X-Press Peter Jolley 2x Burgashell  X-Press
N 2 2 City It Takes Two 2x    
N 3 2 City none 2x Sims  
N 4 2 X-Press none 2x    X-Press
N 5 2 Rob Roy Sweeney Todd 2x    
N 6 2 Rob Roy Owen Patman 2x    
LH bay   Tub pair CRA       CRA

Latest news

Logan's Way Boathouse

The new boathouse in Logan's Way is now completed and boats will be moved in from Saturday 27th May.

This storage facility will house 10 x Eights and 10 x Fours.

Those using the boathouse are taken from the CRA waiting list and comprise boats belonging to City of Cambridge, Champion of the Thames, Chesterton, Rob Roy and X-Press.

Below is a photo showing the new racking system. There are five eights stored either side with a movable middle rack that will take ten fours.  Also a photograph of the new building which shows the Camrowers bay on the left and the CRA on the right (downstream).

This project was started 5 years ago and is a building of which the local rowing community can be justly proud of.

It has been supported by some significant grants from Sport England, The City of Cambridge Council 106 application and Landfill Tax




Bill Key

President, Cambridgeshire Rowing Association.

2017 Winter League Results

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Winter League 2017 March Start Order

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If you have any questions please contact the Winter League organiser by email