CRA Bumps Database

Hints on database use

Running a query

Visitors can run a number of pre defined queries on the database.
To select a query click on the Queries menu item to show a list of available query categories and then select a query from the displayed list.
Depending on the query requested you will either be presented with the query results or a selection of dropdown lists and text entry boxes from which you can select the parameters required for that query.
Having made your selection click on the Run Query button. To run a different query of the same type select the new parameters and click Run Query again.

Sorting the database results

Clicking on a column header will sort the displayed results using a case insensitive sort.
The first click will display a downward pointing arrow and the data will be sorted in descending order. The second click will display an upward pointing arrow and the data will be sorted in ascending order. A third click will display the data in its original order.

Searching for a Rower

Some queries display a text box asking for a rower name. To assist in finding a rower the wildcard character % can be used anywhere in the entered text to match a sequence of any characters.

Some Examples
Fred SmithFinds all Fred Smith entries
Fred%Finds all names beginning with Fred or fred
%SmithFinds all names ending with Smith or smith - Paul Smith, Harry smith etc.
f%smithFinds Fred Smith, fred smith or frank smith etc.
fre%smithFinds Fred Smith, fred smith but not frank smith
fr%sm%Finds Fred Smith, fred smith, fred smythe, frank smith, frank smart etc.
It is important to use enough characters to reduce the number of results returned!
Spaces in a name are significant. If you do not find a name try using % wildcards.
You may get fewer unwanted results by specifying as much of the surname as possible.