BUMPS 2020 Cancelled


Update 14th May 2020


It is with regret that the Bumps Committee have to advise that following the British Rowing decision that competitions are suspended until at least 31st July the 2020 CRA Town Bumps is cancelled. 

Keep safe in these extraordinary times. We look forward to preparing for the 2021 event with you.
Kind Regards
Bumps Secreatary on behalf of Bumps Committee and CRA president.

Winter League 2020 Draw

Please find Fina draw for Febuary below:

 Winter League Final Draw March v2

Last updated 9.00 pm March 13th - No further changes will be made.  Please come to control with questions on Saturday


Update regarding COVID-19

The Government’s current advice for sporting organisations is as follows:
  • There is presently no reason people should stop doing their daily sport and physical activities as they normally would
  • For those who offer community and leisure services, such as running a local football team; or running a gym; hand hygiene should be strongly promoted and encouraged, and equipment and facilities should be thoroughly cleaned and wiped down as usual following use
  • For those hosting sporting events, whatever their size, attendees and participants should stay up to date on the government’s latest advice on how to avoid catching or spreading the virus.
We ask that you also adhere to the following:
  • Wash your hands after every session and every outing
  • Please cough into the fold of your elbow or use a tissue for coughs and sneezes that is then thrown away
  • If you are ill or suspect you are ill then don’t come to the event but call 111 for advice
  • If you have been in contact with someone that has tested positive for the virus then don’t come to the event but call 111 for advice
  • Similarly, please talk to us before coming to the event if you have returned from a high risk location including: Italy, Iran, China and South Korea; we may ask you to stay away.
In order to avoid many people in close contact we will present prizes as soon as all crews in a category have completed racing.  If you are a category winner please feel free to come and collect prizes from City at any time during the event.  Some crews will have to wait until after Division 4 to allow all crews to finish racing.

Time Race Results 2019

The results for the 2019 time race can be downloaded here


From Plough Reach to downstream of “Penny Ferry”
Race number Crew Category Sex Race Time Masters Adjusted Time Position Winner
1 City (Superstars) Open M 00:05:09      
2 Champs (M1) Nov M 00:00:00      
3 Chesterton (Holland) Mas C M 00:04:51 00:04:43   Fastest Men's overall
4 Cantabs (Hunter) Mas C M 00:05:40 00:05:32    
5 Cantabs (Motley Crew) Mas D M 00:06:20 00:06:00    
6 Champs (M3) Nov M 00:05:39      
7 X-Press (Raspberry Pi) Nov M 00:06:04      
8 Camb '99 (PS Comeback) Nov M 00:05:53      
9 Champs (Nick Gay) Nov M 00:05:38      
10 X-Press (M&R) Nov M 00:05:30     Fastest Men's Novice
11 Chesterton (Byrne) Mas B M 00:05:17 00:05:17   Fastest Men's Masters
12 Cantabs (InVeterEight) Mas G M 00:06:12 00:05:17    
13 X-Press (The Boat that Rocks) Nov M 00:06:38      
14 City (PEM, M14) Nov M 00:07:22      
15 City (Grads, M15) Nov M 00:06:22      
16 Cantabs (Intermediate) Open M 00:05:10      
17 X-Press (Camb Assessment) Nov M 00:06:30      
18 Cantab (Juniors) Junior M 00:05:17     Fastest Men's Junior
21 The Leys School (The Peregrines) Mas C W 00:05:50 00:05:50   Fastest Women's overall and Mas winner
22 Champs (Captains Crew W3) Open W 00:06:14      
23 Champs (Returners W4) Open W 00:05:52      
24 Camb '99 (Returners W8) Open W 00:06:22      
25 X-Press (M&R) Nov  W 00:06:03     Fastest Women's Novice
26 Champs (W4) Nov W 00:06:21      
27 Chesterton (Newby W4) Nov  W 00:06:38      
28 Rob Roy  Open W 00:05:53      
29 Camb '99(PS Midnight, W9) Nov W 00:06:46      
30 Cantabs (Progression Squad F&J) Open W 00:06:33      
31 Champs (W7) Nov/Junior W 00:06:42     Fastest Women's Junior
32 City (W8) Nov W 00:06:43      

Winter League 2019 - February Provisional Draw

The provisional draw for the February leg of the 2019 Winter League can be found here:

Winter League 2019 - February Provisional Draw

We will be reviewing the weather forecast throughout the week. A final decision will be made Saturday afternoon regarding the safe running of the event. Club's will be contacted through the person placing their entries if any restrictions are required.

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