Generally speaking, well done all round for a First night. Hopefully time keeping etc will improve tonight and we will be on time throughout the evening. 


It is ‘the old ones’ that are always best; not reporting a Bump!


Please remind your bank parties that Bumps MUST be reported at control immediately at the end of each race.


Please also remind your coxes to concede safely and to ensure that the crew that has made the Bump immediately holds up while the crew that has been bumped paddles on before both move swiftly off the course.


We share the towpath with other users - from pedestrians to cyclists - and they should be treated with respect. Slow down when approaching anyone else - there is no ‘right’ of priority however hard a bell might be rung....and if someone is inadvertently nudged gently, apologise. If nudged firmly, stop and apologise.


If we get reports identifying Clubs we will take action.


No pre-planned movements of motor boats such as Georgina etc tonight.


One or two returning crews were seen to overtake other returning crews on the way back up the Reach last night. There must be no overtaking in the Reach. There is a Rule:


5.12 All crews in lower divisions returning after their race will maintain single file up the Reach, keeping to the towpath side. This is to allow crews going to the start to do so safely. Coxes should be aware and vigilant.


Can you please ensure that your crews are reminded to pick up their rubbish from the towpath when getting back in the boat before their race. I noticed an empty plastic beer glass - perhaps a bank party - and an empty water bottle last night. We need to leave each station with less rubbish on Friday than there was on the first night so please ask that this is checked. We have, in the past, tasked the Club with the largest number of fines to carry out a litter pick the length of the towpath but if it does not need it, we can avoid doing so.


Please encourage your crews’ family, friends and supporters to make good use of the Charity Café - between control and the beer tree - and the Ferry at the Plough.


Richard Moseley and Katrina have worked very hard on publicity and, in particular, in ensuring the Cambridge News, which was intending to stop the publication of the chart, should continue to do so. Thanks to Jess, an IT solution has been found and the News has agreed to maintain the present level of reporting, indeed to possibly increase it.


So, in addition to providing Katrina and Richard with news stories etc, please encourage your families and friends to e-mail the paper on the following lines:


Just emailing to say thank you for maintaining the chart for the Town Bumps, it makes it much easier to follow what the crews are doing (then any reference like "my son/daughter/dad/cousin/mother..... is in XYZ 12") I was worried that following the non-appearance of the charts in the Lents and the Mays would mean you wouldn't have one for the Town Bumps".


Send this to: 


And finally, apologies for any distress caused by the absence of loos at Control yesterday. I have had a full and abject apology for the ‘cock-up’ that saw three at Bait’s Bite for some inexplicable reason. The first to use a loo needs a coin or screwdriver to open the lock and the last person each day should, please, reverse the process.


The main thing is.......Good Luck and Good Racing!


All the best




Stephen Allen


Bumps Secretary