Hi All

Overall, all good stuff and some very good races.

Problems remain with conceding.....heavy fines follow. They will be heavier after tonight if the problem remains.

Problems remain with too many cyclists - fines follow. In one instance with children following too; words fail me! In a cycling accident, an injured cyclist had to be taken to Addenbrookes. Even heavier fines will follow after tonight if we get reports of too many cyclists following a crew. All marshals - race and position - are on notice to be very firm on this point please. 

Problems remain with marshals not hurrying crews down to the start. Can position marshals please make sure they do this in addition to waiting for the races to come back up. One crew was reported as counting down from 45 at the Plough. Words fail me again. Count down from 10 is more than enough.  

Problems remain with crews overtaking in the Reach. Fines follow. 

If a slow crew is in front of your crew, the bank party should politely ask them to get a move on and get clear of the course for the crews coming down for the later divisions. 

Please do not let a crew stop for a chat; keep moving. If a drink is needed by the crew, drop down to four while the other four do it and then change over.

Problems remain with late reporting of Bumps. Tonight is the last night so once we pack up control that will be it until Bumps 2018. We take no complaints or queries next year. If there is anything remotely in doubt about a Bump m- when a Bumps made or a Bump missed - you MUST attend at control with a representative from the other crew concerned. 

An incident at the Plough saw a member of the public jump in to pull the ferry out the way of an oncoming race; all marshals need to be vigilant all the time. The positioning is designed so there is a clear view of each stretch of water. Getting together with a fellow club member for a chat is all very well but does not look good on an accident report which asks ‘Where were you?’

Please warn all marshals and bank parties that we have had, on two nights, an incident around Grassy where two motorised quad-type bikes have ridden at speed up the towpath from Bait’s Bite and turned dangerously passed the folk at Grassy Corner to disappear up the path to Fen Road. I suspect the individuals concerned would not take kindly to being stopped so no one should put themselves in danger but if by any good chance a decent photo can be taken that would be good. Our PCSO is aware. One of these bikes has a number plate ’15 MPH’ but this about all the identification we have been able to spot. 

This sounds like a lot of problems but, all in all, it is running well but if we can deal with the above as fully as possible we will be able to get cleared up after tonight so everyone can get round to the CRA/Nines/City boathouses for the prize giving presentations scheduled for 9.30 pm. We are getting good support from our equipment marshals but an extra pair of hands never goes amiss as we are on a tight time schedule.

And finally, please remember we have the Bumps wash-up meeting next Wednesday in the Nines upstairs committee room at 7.30 pm. We would like every Club to be  represented  by one person - more can be counterproductive - when we welcome comments, good and bad, to help with the planning for Bumps 2018. If we do not hear from you then we have to assume you are happy with it all.

Good Luck and Good Racing tonight. 

All the best


Stephen Allen 


Bumps Secretary