2018 Approved Dispensations

Please find below the outcome of the dispensation request review which took place at the CRA Delegates meeting on 13th June 2018.  Those approved under rule 2.6 are blue. Only one person allowed under this dispensation Rule may be included in any crew 

Awarded 2.6:

  • Philip Horton
  • Alicia Wilcom
  • Adrian Tollett
  • Jessica Halliday
  • Magda Gerigk - on condition that another race is completed with a CRA club before bumps.
  • Damen Sanderson
  • Lynne Taylor
  • Evelyn Svingen
  • Nicholas Paul Rose
  • Fiona Macklin
  • Stella Lempidaki
  • Alina Gatley
  • Stephen Kindness

Awarded 2.2:

  • Anne Roberts
  • Karlo Miracle
  • Freddie Scott
  • Georgie Plunkett
  • Helen Fiswick

Withdrawn as did not comply with rule 2.6.d:

  • Ignacio Perez Pozuelo
  • Samuel Stewart
  • Mark Christopher Hobbs

Not needed:

  • Meara Taylor - has not have raced for a non-CRA club
  • Lily Bacon - Laura to confirm to bumps committee whether Lily has raced any nights of Mays
  • Samuel Champion - 2.5.a
  • Ester Momcilovic - cox
  • Callum Mantell - cox
  • Rowan Sugden - has not raced for a non-CRA club.

Not awarded:

  • Valentina Futoryanova