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Welcome to the CRA Bumps crew list. Please click on a crew to see full details.

Boat CRA Club Name
m1 Cambridge '99 M1
m2 Cambridge '99 M2
m3 Cambridge '99 M3
m4 Cambridge '99 M4
m5 Cambridge '99 M5
m6 Cambridge '99 M6
m7 Cambridge '99 M7
m8 Cambridge '99 M8
w1 Cambridge '99 W1
w2 Cambridge '99 W2
w3 Cambridge '99 W3
w4 Cambridge '99 W4
w5 Cambridge '99 W5
w6 Cambridge '99 W6
m1 Cambridge Veterans Cambridge Veterans
w1 Cambridge Veterans RC COWS
m1 Cantabs M1
m10 Cantabs M Juniors
m11 Cantabs InVeterEight
m12 Cantabs Hunter
m13 Cantabs Motley
m14 Cantabs Dad's Army
m15 Cantabs AfterEights
m2 Cantabs M2
m3 Cantabs Hills Returners
m4 Cantabs Hills Rd 1
m5 Cantabs Hills Returners 2
m6 Cantabs Masters 1
m7 Cantabs Aquaphobes
m8 Cantabs Hills Rd M2
m9 Cantabs Poachers
Substitutes Cantabs Womens Substitutes
Substitutes Cantabs Mens Substitutes
w1 Cantabs W1
w10 Cantabs Flotsam & Jetsam
w11 Cantabs W Juniors J15
w2 Cantabs W2
w3 Cantabs W3
w4 Cantabs Intermediate Women
w5 Cantabs Hills Rd 1
w6 Cantabs W Juniors
w7 Cantabs Racks Out
w8 Cantabs W Juniors 2
w9 Cantabs HillsBelles
m1 Champion of the Thames Levien
m2 Champion of the Thames Watrasiewicz
m3 Champion of the Thames Christs Fellows
m4 Champion of the Thames Willoughby
m5 Champion of the Thames Musson
m6 Champion of the Thames Fermani
w1 Champion of the Thames Downes
w2 Champion of the Thames Mills
w3 Champion of the Thames Merricks
w4 Champion of the Thames Junior Girls 1
w5 Champion of the Thames Midgley
w6 Champion of the Thames Junior Girls 2
w7 Champion of the Thames Vognsen
m1 Chesterton RC Connolley
m2 Chesterton RC Southgate
m3 Chesterton RC Emmings
Substitutes Chesterton RC Spare M
Substitutes Chesterton RC Spare W
w1 Chesterton RC Turvill
w2 Chesterton RC Richards
w3 Chesterton RC Barkes
m1 City of Cambridge M1
m10 City of Cambridge Presidents
m11 City of Cambridge M11
m12 City of Cambridge Novice
m2 City of Cambridge M2
m3 City of Cambridge All Stars
m4 City of Cambridge Worth & Co
m5 City of Cambridge Sharks
m6 City of Cambridge 8@8
m7 City of Cambridge Billy Goats
m8 City of Cambridge Juniors
m9 City of Cambridge Chaotique
w1 City of Cambridge W1
w2 City of Cambridge W2
w3 City of Cambridge W3
w4 City of Cambridge W4
w5 City of Cambridge LB(b)
w6 City of Cambridge Juniors
w7 City of Cambridge Masters
w8 City of Cambridge W8
m1 Isle of Ely Rowing Club Isle of Ely Mens Sweep Crew
w1 Isle of Ely Rowing Club Ladies Wot Row
m1 RRBC First Boat
m2 RRBC Old Boyz
m3 RRBC Even older boyz
m4 RRBC Juniors
Substitutes RRBC Subs
Substitutes RRBC Subs - women's
w1 RRBC Jo's Girls
w2 RRBC Kate's Eight
w3 RRBC WJ16s
w4 RRBC J15s
m1 St Neots Rowing Club SNRC M1
m2 St Neots Rowing Club SNRC M2
w1 St Neots Rowing Club SNRC W1
w2 St Neots Rowing Club SNRC W2
m1 St Radegund Boat Club Full Pint
m2 St Radegund Boat Club St Radegund Boat Club M2
w1 St Radegund Boat Club St Radegund Boat Club W1
w2 St Radegund Boat Club St Radegund Boat Club W2
m1 XPress XP1
m2 XPress XP2
m3 XPress Hard Pressed
m4 XPress Geologists
m5 XPress X-tortion
m6 XPress ARM1
m7 XPress Mills & Reeve
m8 XPress ARM2
Substitutes XPress XPress Subs M
Substitutes XPress XPress Subs W
w1 XPress Press Gang
w2 XPress X-Presso
w3 XPress X-pressionistas
w4 XPress Geologists