2024 Dispensation Requests

The outcome of the dispensation review was as follows:


Ian Hey
Molly Wilson
David Welch
Amy Wright
Imogen Boxall
Phil Gunning
Cecile Auty-Jacklin
Jack Hughes
Evlyn Nash
Robert Carpenter
Laura Hayden Smith
Steven Humphry
Oliver Corner

Dispensation not required:

Devonne Picavaer (2.5a)
Joshua Roberts  (2.5a)
Ben Tomlinson (2.5a)
Andrew Hambling (2.5a)
Thomas Hurrell (2.5a)
Ben La Roche (2.5a)
Fergus Mitchell Dwelly (2.5a)
Andrew Lawrence (2.5a)
Ella Darrington (2.5a)

Not approved:

Anna Smart
Jasmin Howells
Izzy Rohodes
William Alex Shaw
Stella Issac (due to rule 2.5c)
Alfie Jackson(due to rule 2.5c)
Caitlin Joshua (due to rule 2.5c)
Jamie Gare
Alice Dickins (due to rule 2.c)

Initial submissions were as follows:

Club Full Name Date joined CRA club Reason for Dispensation Races between 1st Jan 2023 and the deadline for application for dispensation with CRA Club Races since 1st Jan 2023 for any other clubs Does this person intend to race for any non-CRA club between the deadline for application and the CRA town bumps? Any Other Information
City of Cambridge Jamie Gare 01/01/2019 For review Sat 10th Feb - GBRT Open Trials 5k - Boston - Raced as 'Leander/City of Cambridge'
12th-14th April - GBRT April Trials - Caversham - Raced as 'Leander/City of Cambridge'
Sat 10th Feb - GBRT Open Trials 5k - Boston - Raced as 'Leander/City of Cambridge'
12th-14th April - GBRT April Trials - Caversham - Raced as 'Leander/City of Cambridge'
No Theoretically at least (in my mind) Jamie doesn't require dispensation. If you agree feel free to not put it to the bumps committee.

Jamie Gare was a former City junior who rowed last year for us as a 2.5a.
This year he's part of the British Sculling development academy, based at Eton Excelsior and as such has been a member of Leander Club. His registration and what he raced under is therefore Leander/City of Cambridge and at trails he's typically worn a City zephyr under a Leander AIO, with the exception of April Trials SFs where he raced with Leander zephyr and City AIO.
He has raced no races solely as Leander.
City of Cambridge Devonne Piccaver 21/09/2019 Unsure if this is a straightforward 2.5a or a 2.6 - - No Devonne learned to row as a junior at Peterborough between 2019 and 2023.
During those years Peterborough entered CRA events (incl. town bumps in 2019) in 2019, 2022 and 2023. However, we're unsure if that's sufficient to make her a 2.5a.
For 23/24 she has gone abroad to study and has rowed in her university's 3rd/4th eight. The boat has done no open races but has done side by side friendlies with other local clubs, we are unsure if this therefore meets the competing criteria.
She is back from University currently and is planning to race with City at a number of events such as Peterborough Regatta.
Cambridge 99's Joshua Roberts 09/10/2022 Rule 2.6 Head of the Cam 2024 (8+, Club B) St Cuthbert's Society (Durham University College) - Tyne New Years Head (tier 3 8+), Durham Small Boats Head (tier 4, 4+), Derwentwater Head (tier 2, 4+), Head of the River Race (small academic, 8+), Tees Regatta (tier 2, 4+), Wansbeck Regatta (tier 1, 4+) Yes Races between now and CRA Town Bumps will be: Hexham Regatta (tier 1 8+, tier 1 4+) and Durham Regatta (elite 4+, elite 8+). All for St Cuthbert's Society, Durham University College.

I learnt to row at Hills Road Sixth Form college and my first race was the Town Bumps in 2022, I then spent my gap year in Cambridge and rowed with C99 but didn't compete much because I was travelling and working unfriendly hours preventing me from training consistently. The only club outside of Cambridge I have rowed for is my college at Durham. I have raced for C99 while at university this year at Head of the Cam.

I have competed in Town Bumps for the past two years and hope to compete again this year. 
Cambridge 99's Caitlin McMahon 15/10/2022 Rule 2.6 Quintin Head 2024 - W Development W 8 +
Peterborough Head of the Nene - W 8+ (Long Course)
Henley Women's Regatta 2023 - The Copas Cup Aspirational Club W 8 +
Peterborough Regatta 2023 - (ML) W 8 + ; W 8 + ; W 4 +
WeHORR 2023 - Challenge W 8 +
Norwich Head of the River 2023 - W 8 +
Vet School Boat Club (Cambridge) - Bumps 2024 - Division 4 Yes I am a final year student at the University of Cambridge and am rowing in college bumps 2024 for the Vet School Boat Club (VSBC). Usually, because of my course timetable, I am not free during this week or for weekday college outings so I joined Cambridge 99's 2 years ago so I could continue to row throughout the year. I was unable to row in Town Bumps 2023 as I had to attend a University placement during the same week.

This year, however, I am free for college bumps but not for Henley Women's Regatta. Since the club was re-started a year ago, the VSBC has struggled to find enough people to make the 12 outing rule for bumps entry and has needed committed rowers to enter a crew for bumps. I decided to row with the VSBC this term as I wouldn't be able to commit to the training in the lead up to Women's Henley Regatta with Nines.

As I have been part of Nines for the past 2 years and was unable to complete last year due to my University placement, I would really like to row with the club in Town Bumps 2024 as I have built a great relationship with the squad during this time and have done a lot of training with the club. 
Cambridge 99's Iain Hay 02/03/2024 Rule 2.6 Head of the Cam (tier 1 4+), Bedford Regatta (tier 1 4+) Darwin College (Camb) - Champs Eights Head, M1 8+ No I started rowing at Nines in March 2024 after a 5 year break and have been an active part of the club since then. I was a last minute sub as an alumni w/ Darwin M1 8+ for Champs Eights Head. 
Cambridge 99's Molly Wilson 22/01/2023 Rule 2.6 Cox for: Winter League W4+ and M8+, Head of The River M2, Fours Head W4+ (before it was cancelled) 2x at CUCBC Small Boats Regatta - Clare Boat Club No I have been an active cox for Cambridge 99 Rowing Club since February 2023 and coxed O12 at Town Bumps last year. I would like to be able to row in our coxes boat if we have one this year.
Cambridge 99's Ben Tomlinson 14/09/2022 Rule 2.6 Town Bumps 2023 M2 Tyne NY’s Head, Tyne Head, Durham Small Boats Head, HoRR, Durham City Regatta. All for Hatfield College Boat Club Durham. Yes Races between now and CRA Town Bumps: Hexham Regatta (Op 4+), Durham Regatta (Op8+ and Op4+). All for Hatfield College Boat Club Durham.

I raced in the Town Bumps as a junior at Rob Roy and last year at Nines. After graduating at the end of June this summer, I'll be moving back to Cambridge and rowing with Nines for the year ahead.
Cambridge 99's David Welch 01/09/2021 Rule 2.3 Seat Share in First Division Quintin Head 2024 - M8+ Articuno
CRA Winter League 1, 2, 3 - M8+ Articuno and M4- Mini Articuno
Head of the River Race - M8+ Articuno
Head of the Cam - M8+ Flowering Crab Apple and M4- Pink Dogwood
None No Will be away for the Friday of Town Bumps due to a clash with his stag do.
Cambridge 99's Stella Isaac 09/02/2014 Rule 2.6 Tier 1 - 2014-2016: Womens Henley, Wehorr, 4s Head, Met, various on Cam races
Town Bumps with Nines in 2014 and 2018.
Jesus College: Lent bumps, BUCs, Bedford Head and Regatta, various CRA events. Yes I have been connected with Cambridge 99 Rowing club since 2014. From 2014 - 2016, I competed in many races with the Nines including Womens Henley, WeHORR, Fours Head, MET Regatta and various CRA races. I competed in Town Bumps with Nines in 2014 and 2018. Due to my PHD time commitments, it has been difficult to commit to Town Club rowing hours which meant I was unable to regularly train with Nines during this time. During my studies, I have been rowing with Jesus College Boat Club, however I have remained in touch with the club during this time and was rowing with Nines in 2018 and 2019.

I am retiring from competitive rowing and doing Town Bumps with the Nines will be a great way of setting into life at a town club.
Cambridge 99's Alfie Jackson 28/11/2023 Rule 2.6 Quintin Head 8+, Norwich Head 8+, HoRR 8+, Head of the Cam 8+, All 3 Winter Leagues 8+ Two days of Lent Bumps as a last minute sub with Eddie's M1 in Division 3 and Division 2, Mixed 8 Winter League with ARU (Division: Mixed.Club.8+), Winter League with Hughes+Homerton+ARU (Division: Open.Club B). No I have been training with Nines 3-4 times per week since December 2023 and have competed in numerous CRA and BR races with Nines. I was a last minute sub for Eddie's in Lent Bumps and did not enter as part of my club (ARU) as we did not have enough members. I am unable to do May Bumps because ARU do not have a male crew and therefore I have not been rowing with my University crew and have been training with Nines. 
Cambridge 99's Andrew Hambling 02/08/2022 Rule 2.6 N/A St John's College (Durham): Durham Small Boats Head 4+, Tyne Head 8+, HORR 8+, Durham City Regatta 2-, Tees Regatta 8+ Yes Races between now and CRA Town Bumps: M8+ and mixed 8+ for Hexham Royal Regatta and Durham regatta.

I rowed as a junior for Nines and have competed in Town Bumps with Nines in 2022 and 2023. I am currently studying at Durham University and have been rowing with them during my studies, however I have kept a relationship with Nines during this time.
Cambridge 99's William (Alex) Shaw 01/01/2019 Rule 2.6 N/A Rutherford, Head of the River and Nottingham Regatta - with Tyne as a sub. Yes I have only raced in social boats and as a last minute sub for Tyne this year. A group of friends will be entering a social boat into Town Bumps (in division M3) and I would like to row with them.
Xpress Alice Dickens 11/01/2020 Ineligible under rule 2.5.c, request dispensation on grounds of rule 2.6.a, that Alice has been rowing and competing consistently throughout the year with X-Press. - 14/01, 18/02, 10/03/2024, CRA Winter League
- 23/03/2024, Head of the River Race
- 14/04/2024, Bedford Head
- 18/02/2024, CRA Winter League, ARU
- 27/02/2024-02/03/2024, College Lent Bumps, ARU
- 27/04/2024, Hammersmith Regatta, ARU
Yes Alice raced in our W2 boat for town bumps last year, and has been consistently rowing with Press alongside her ARU rowing for over 2 years. Between now and town bumps, she is planning to race Bedford Star regatta with both ARU and X-Press, and College May bumps with ARU.
Xpress Amy Wright 03/01/2023 Rule 2.6. 14/01, 18/02, 10/03/2024, CRA Winter League 27/04/2024, Hammersmith Regatta, ARU Yes Amy raced town bumps last year in X-Press W3, raced for ARU at Hammersmith as a one-off substitute. Has rowed as part of X-Press’ Xiva crew since April 2023.
Cantabrigian Imogen Boxall 30/09/2017 Rule 2.6 (learnt as a Cantabs junior but did not have the chance to row in the Bumps then) None All with City of Oxford:
  Quintin Head 25/1/24
  Head of the Nene 3/2/24
  WEHORR 9/3/24
Yes Imogen is a local resident and student at Oxford. She learned to row as a junior with Cantabs in 2017 but was unable to take part in the Town Bumps as a junior in 2018 due to conflicting commitments. Had she done so she would be covered under clause 2.5(a). Inspired by her experience in Cambridge she has continued to row as a student and returned to train with Cantabs during her vacations. She would love to be able to take part in the CRA Bumps when she is back in her family home this summer. Her situation is similar to that of Aimee Ugur, who the delegates allowed to race in the 2022 and 2023 CRA Bumps.
There is a possibility of Imogen rowing with the OUBC development squad at Reading Regatta, HWR and the HRR qualifiers although these are only provisional at the moment.
Cantabrigian Izzy Rhodes 01/09/2020 Rule 2.6 None None (Mays with a Vet School VIII) Yes Izzy has been a member of the Cantabs women’s squad for 4 years and has raced for Cantabs more than 50 times including, for example, in last year’s Town Bumps. She is currently at Cambridge studying for her veterinary science degree. Unfortunately, this year her degree has required her to attend a number of placements that have meant that she's been unable to continue training with us due to her being away from Cambridge during our training periods. She has been asked, and is planning, to do Mays with a Vet School crew which is only possible as they will only do a couple of outings beforehand. After her placement ends, she will be returning to row with Cantabs as before and she would like to do Town Bump with us again.
Cantabrigian Phil Gunning 01/01/1998 Rule 2.6 (as clause 2.5d is no longer with us) None All with Loughborough Boat Club:
Lincoln Head 17th March MasF 2-
Shrewsbury Regatta (Sat 11th May Mas F 1x
Shrewsbury Sprint Sunday 12th May MasF 1x & Mas F 2
Peterborough Spring Regatta 2nd June MasF 2
Yes Phil has raced in the Town Bumps every year since 1998 both for Cantabs and for other CRA clubs. He had to move away from Cambridge for work reasons a couple of years ago but remained on the Cantabs committee until last year and still volunteers with us regularly (eg doing the timing for last year’s Winter Head) and takes part in our social events. He was also the Junior Development officer with Cantabs for many years as well as organising the Dads Army Cantabs crew.
Given his long Bumps history, Phil would have easily qualified under rule 2.5d if there still was one! The Delegates were happy for Phil to to row in the Bumps two years ago before clause 2.5d came into existence and we hope they will allow him to do so again as, before he had to move, he was the quintessential Town rower.
Phil will probably row for Loughborogh at the Ironbridge regatta and for them or possibly Cantabs at the Burton regatta.
Cantabrigian Jasmine Howells 01/11/2023 Rule 2.6 (rather than 2.5(a) due to the pandemic) None All for Leeds University:
Feb: Mersey Head W4+
Feb: BUCS Head WB4+
Mar: Yorkshire Head W8+
May: BUCS Regatta WB4+
Yes Jasmine registered to learn to row with Cantabs as a junior whilst at Hills Road Sixth Form College which she attended from 2020-2022. Unfortunately, both the L2R courses themselves, and the Bumps that she could/would have rowed in to become a 2.5(a) qualifier, were cancelled due to the pandemic. So she didn't actually learn to row until she went to Leeds University. She now rows for her university during term time and rows and coaches at Cantabs in the holidays. As she was very much a victim of unfortunate timing, we are asking the Delegates to agree to treat her as a 2.5(a) case rather than punish her further for the pandemic.
She will probably also take part in the Peterborough Spring Regatta W4+, W8+ and Durham Regatta WBI4+, WNC4+ for Leeds University
Cantabrigian Cecile Auty-Jacklin 01/01/2014 Rule 2.6 All for Cantabs:
Feb & March WL2&3
May: Radegund Mile,
May: 99s Spring Regatta.
For Tideway Scullers:
March: Vesta Masters W4x- , Thames
May: Women’s Challenge Quadruple Sculls, Wallingford Regatta, W4x-
No Cecile has been a long-term member of Cantabs and has represented the club locally and internationally as a sculler. More recently she has been concentrating on sculling rather than rowing and has been receiving coaching at Tideway Scullers. In return, she has been obliged to race as a member of their club.
She very much remains a member of the Cantabs Women’s Masters Squad (Cogs) and has raced with them in the Winter League, Radegund Mile and 99’s Spring Regatta this year. She also currently coaches as part of our Schools Rowing program.
Whilst Cecile joined Cantabs in 2014 she rowed with Champs for around 10 years before that. She has rowed in the Town Bumps on many occasions as a member of Champs, COWS and Cantabs. She would have easily qualified to row again this year under clause 2.5(d) were it still in the rule book.
Cecille is currently in hospital after an accident. We mention this for two reasons. Firstly she is hoping to recover in time to join her regular (Cogs) crew who will probably be in lower women’s division and we are putting this request in provisionally in the hope that she does. Secondly this has raised significant communication challenges; we believe we have identified all the races she has taken part in for Tideway Scullers but apologise in advance if we have missed any. But in the absense of clause 2.5(d), we do beleive she requires a dispensation.
Cantabrigian Jack Hughes 01/04/2024 Rule 2.6 Jan: Winter League 1
Feb: Winter League 2
Mar: HoRR
Mar: Winter League 3
Apr: Head of the Cam
May: Nottingham Regatta
For Corpus Christi
Jan: Winter Head 2 Head
May: 99s Regatta
No Jack is an active town rower and was training with City from September 2023 until April 2024 when he moved to Cantabs. He also regulalry coaches three crews for Corpus Christi. On two occasions he agreed to sub into these crews at the last minute when it was too late to find subs and the crews would otherwise have had to scratch. He has not trained with these crews and would not have raced for any non-CRA crews otherwise. We ask the Delegates to allow him to take part in the Bumps as otherwise he will be punished for his loyalty to the crews he coaches.
Cantabrigian Evelyn Nash 01/07/2022 Rule 2.6 None For City of Oxford:
April - Oxford City Bumps - W8
April - Isis Spring League
May - Nottingham Regatta
Yes Evie has been an active and enthusiastic rower with Cantabs from when she joined in Summer 2022. She raced in the Town Bumps in 2023 and in the Winter Head and Christmas Head this season, before setting off on several months of travel in early 2024. Due to her partner's work, she has had to spend a few months away in Oxford during which time she has trained with City of Oxford RC and raced in three events. But she will be back in Cambridge this summer and would love to race in CRA Bumps, following the family tradition started by her mother, who rowed in Cambridge Town Bumps as a junior.
Before returning to Cambridge Eve will also probably take part in the Met Regatta
and HWR for City of Oxford.
City of Cambridge Ella Darrington 01/01/2017 2.5a ish - WeHoRR, BUCS, Tyne Head Yes Ella learned to row at Rob Roy, however, in 2021 whilst still living in Cambridge she moved her rowing to Peterborough.
She is now at University and looking to row bumps.
She's not a clear cut 2.5a since she didn't do National Champs or Bumps with Robs, however since she is from Cambridge and rowed for many years at a CRA club we feel that she is within the spirit of 2.5a. It is also likely she would have raced either Bumps or Nat Schools with a CRA club in 2020 before moving her rowing to Peterborough.
Her additional race will be HWR as it currently stands.
City of Cambridge Robert Carpenter 01/01/2003 2.6 Couple of legs of Winter League, Vets Head of the River (in the President's eight) Northampton Head, Yes Planning to race St Ives Regatta with Oundle
Bob's joining date is not correct, we don't really know.
Bob features in the CRA database for every year 2009 (when the database started recording names) and 2023 (excluding 2020) and has anecdotally raced bumps at least 20 times.
He's been dragged into racing for Oundle a few times this season but has still remained a regular for City, racing in the hoops on the tideway and at Winter League and would wish to row bumps for the club.
Would have been a 2.5d/2.6d prior to that rule being removed.
St Neots Thomas Hurrell 01/01/2021 2.5b Head of the river race 2024 (for St Neots) - 24.03.2024 Durham City Regatta (for Durham amateur rowing club) - 04.05.2024 Yes Junior at the club who went to uni. Didn’t enjoy rowing at his college so moved to a town club but has primarily rowed and competed for St Neots at major competitions (head of the river).
Tom has raced Town Bumps with St Neots in 2022 and 2023.
Tom will be doing Durham regatta 8-9th June before moving to St Neots for the summer break.
St Neots Ben La-Roche 01/08/2019 2.5b (Senior) Cambridge Autumn Regatta 10th Sep 2024 None No Junior who rowed at the club and is returning for summer from university.
Ben rowed Town bumps in 2021 and 2022.
St Neots Fergus-Mitchell Dwelly 01/09/2011 2.5b Peterborough Regatta 01 June 2024 Hammersmith Head and HoRR for Vesta No Fergus is a long time club member who moved to London and rowed for Vesta. He stopped rowing after HoRR and is now returning to St Neots and will be racing with us St Neots exclusively.
Fergus has done Town Bumps in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.
St Neots Laura Haden Smith 01/03/2024 2.6 Peterborough Regatta - 02 June 2024
St Neots Regatta - 27/28 July 2024
Hammersmith Head for Vesta as a sub No Laura is Fergus Mitchell Dwelly’s partner who is coming back to the area. She has rowed with Vesta once as a sub and St Neots during holidays, and she is now looking to row more permanently with us. She has largely been unable to row and train this year due to health issues. 
Chesterton Steven Humphrey 08/01/2023 Rule 2.6

CRA Winter Leagues (14th Jan, 18th Feb, 10th Mar)
Spring H2H, 4th May2024
Radegund Mile, 12 May 2024
Plans to row at British Masters at Nottingham, 15-16th June as Peterborough, Masters F Yes

Steven hopes to row Bumps with Chesterton O3 (in 3rd Div)

Steven is a member of Chesterton and Peterbrough RCs.  He lives in Peterborough where in learnt to scull in April 2023 and has since the made the transition to sweep rowing with Chesterton after joining in August 2023.  Steven regularly rows and races with Chesterton.
He is enterting British Masters at Nottingham in June as Peterborough; however since not having rowed Bumps before is not elligible under rule 2.5.b

City of Cambridge Anna Smart 01/1/2013 2.6 - WeHoRR, Heinekein, Wallingford Yes Anna is a former City junior now rowing in London. Anna first raced bumps in 2013 and herself, her twin brother and members of her family have raced it reguarly since. She is set to race HWR prior to bumps and maybe another race (currently unsure if and which) She was able to race bumps last year in a very similar situation.
St Neots Andrew Lawrence 01/09/2016 2.6 Bedford Head 14 Apr 2024 HoRR and Met for Bath University 2nd Boat Yes Andrew learnt to row as a junior in St Neots and he’s been an active member since. Andrew is currently at university and rows with and for St Neots as and when he can. He is returning to St Neots from uni for the summer holidays.
St Neots Olivia Corner 01/11/2023 2.6 None BUCS 4th May 2024 No Olivia is at her first year of university. She is a novice rower who started rowing at her university this year. Her younger sister is a current junior at the club and Olivia was inspired to take up the sport after visiting the club during summer 2023. She has been supported by the club during the holiday periods. She wont be able to row for the club before Bumps due to holidays abroad but she will be competing and racing for the club at regattas over the summer (St Neots Regatta).