Bumps Coxes

Below is a list of all coxes that have attended a coxes briefing in 2021.  Please ensure all coxes attend a coxes meeting in 2021.  If their name is not on this list they will not be able to race

Coxes meetings will take place via Zoom.  Please contact your club rep or the bumps committee for the meeting details

  • Wednesday 14th July 8pm
  • Friday 16th July 8pm
  • Sunday 18th July 6pm

Registration will be by singing in on the zoom chat - instructions will be given in the meeting

Coxes instructions can be downloaded here: 2021 Bumps Coxing Instructions

The following coxes have attended a meeting in 2021:

Adrian Doggett
Aidan Chen
Alex Black
Alex Tocher
Amelia Mitchell
Amy Henfrey
Amy Schofield
Andrew Ardley
Andrew Gould
Andrew Morley
Ashleigh Masson
Barbara Blackshaw
Ben Booth
Bruce Bye
Callum Mantell
Cara Hanman
Carrie Frazer
Catherine Bowden
Catherine Pearson
Catherine Stewart
Catrin Darsley
Charlie Marcus
Charlotte Parr
Christian Schosland
Colm Murphy
Daniil Slavin
Dave Meredith
Dave Richards
David levien
David Rigler
David Russo
Debbie Morley
Edit Lelle
Eleanor Elsey
Elena Provenzano
Elle Outram
Emer Jones
Emily Lau
Emily Staplehurst
Emma Siragher
Emma Smith
Emma White
Evelyn Svingen
Fania Christodoulides
Felicity Parker
Felix Opolka
Gary O'Shea
Gemma Eastham
Gemma-Claire Ali
Geraint Wyn Story
Hazel Donkin
Hazel Thornton
Helen Lavelle
Hena McGhee
Isa Davvebiegga
Isabel Nimmo
Jacob Moss
Jafar Y
James Letten
Jen Thackstone
Jeremy johnson
Jess Upton
Jonathan Anderson
Josh Butler
Julie Hogg
Katie Kirk
Katie Thurkle
Keith Garrett
Keith Lee
Kenneth Sandman
Kimberly Lifton
Laura Brightman
Laura Dallaway
Lily Chan
Lisa Dawson
Lisl Tudor
Louis Baxter
Louise Koch
Luke Pattison
Lynn Clift
Maddy Scragg
Marcus Redley
Maria Chukanova
Mary Lety
Matthew Temple
Mia Hartwell
Michelle Meng
Mike Hunter
Miranda Fyfe
Nick Siragher
Nigel Woodcock
Ollie Boyne
Patrick Neininger
Patrick Taylor
Paulina LIbrizzi
Rachel Newby
Rebecca Gutteridge
Rhiannon Smith
Rosalyn Redley
Rosie Tween
Roz Fitzgerald
Sally Dowding
Sammi Tarling
Sara Russo
Sarah Matthews
Simon Emmings
Simon Ollerenshaw
Sophie Merchant
Sophie Spencer
Steve Green
Susannah Clements
Susie Clements
Tim Baker
Todd Freeman
Tom Boekestein
Trish Reed
Twm Stone
Ursula Arndt
Will Bradshaw
William Bradshaw
William Shaw
Zara Parr
Zaynab Ahmed