Bumps Coxes

Below is a list of all coxes that have attended a coxes briefing in the last two years.  Please ensure that your know which of your coxes need to attend a coxes meeting in 2017.  If their name is not on this list they MUST attend in 2017

Coxes meetings will take place at Nines Boathouse

Friday 14 July – Coxes meeting at Nines boathouse – in the bar/gym area – Refresher: 2000 - 2015 Full briefing: 2015 – 2100.

Coxes: please arrive 10 minutes before your session to sign in (use capitals and the name your club has registered you under).

Monday 17 July – Coxes meetings at Nines boathouse – in the bar/gym area - Refresher: 2000 - 2015 Full briefing: 2015 - 2100

Coxes: please arrive 10 minutes before your session to sign in (use capitals and the name your club has registered you under).

Coxes instructions can be downloaded here: 2017 Coxes Instructions

  2015 2016 2017
Adam Fellows Yes    
Ainul Hanafiah Yes    
Alex Black Yes    
Alex Massey     Yes
Alice McWilliam Yes    
Alice Spiers Yes    
Alison Binney      Yes 
Ali Young      Yes 
Andrea Stanislowski     Yes 
Angus Hutchison     Yes
Anna Bickerstaff     Yes
Annabel Butcher Yes   Yes
Annie Leighton     Yes
Amy Henfrey     Yes
Arabella Mason Yes    
Ardi Liaunardy-Jopeace   Yes Yes
Ashleigh Masson Yes   Yes
Aubrey Wisley     Yes
Barbara Blacklaws Yes   Yes
Barry Gawthrop Yes    
Becky Taylor Yes    
Bee Fonseka     Yes
Bee May Yes    
Ben Trigg Yes    
Ben Williams     Yes
Ben Whitelaw    Yes  
Bernard Shannon      Yes
Bonney O'Hanlon     Yes 
Bruce Bye     Yes 
Caitlin Saunders   Yes  
Callum Mantell     Yes
Callum Picken    Yes  
Camilla Plumb     Yes
Cara Hanman Yes   Yes
Carrie Frazer Yes   Yes
Caspar Hammond    Yes  
Cat Darsley    Yes  
Charlene Tang     Yes 
Charlotte Smallman Yes    
Chris Howard   Yes Yes
Christian Schosland Yes    
Christina Larkin   Yes  
Claudia Acerini Yes    
Claudio Falco    Yes  
Clive Cox     Yes
Colette Millburn Yes   Yes
Colm Murphy   Yes Yes
Dan Baillache    Yes Yes
Dave Richards     Yes
David Levien   Yes  
Debbie Siragher Yes    
Ed Gardiner Yes    
Eliza Cooper Yes    
Ellen Bridges     Yes
Ellie Outram    Yes  
Ellie Wicks Yes    
Elspeth Nicol Yes   Yes
Emily Gray Yes    
Emma Metcalfe Yes    
Emma Smith     Yes
Eric Martin   Yes  
Erica Emond Yes    
Esther Momcilovic   Yes Yes
Eva Hill     Yes
Eva MacGuire Yes    
G Jordan Yes    
Gabriel Chiu Yes    
Gemma Eastham     Yes
Gemma Larkin Yes    
Gemma-Claire Ali Yes    
Geraint Wyn Story   Yes  
Glen Chua     Yes
Hannah Jones     Yes
Hannah Wyborn Yes    
Hazel Donkin Yes   Yes
Hazel Thornton Yes    
Helen Browne Yes    
Helen Lavelle Yes    
Holly Adams   Yes  
Ian Knights Yes    
Imogen Forbes Yes    
James Tidy Yes    
Jan Kirkham Yes    
Jane Risdall    Yes  
Jasmine Congreve     Yes
Jeremy Johnson     Yes
Jess Upton Yes   Yes
Jo Cotgrove     Yes
Jo Howson     Yes
Joe Whiting   Yes  
John Buchanan Yes    
John Walley Yes    
Jon Anderson Yes    
Jon Anderson   Yes  
Jon Platts Yes    
Jordan Beale     Yes
Jordan Rush     Yes
Jordan Sandberg    Yes  
Josh Blake     Yes
Josh Butler Yes    
Julia Kelsoe     Yes
Julie Hogg   Yes  
Kate Barnett Yes    
Kathryn Knight     Yes
Kathy Haynes     Yes
Katrina Perrin (nee Purser) Yes   Yes
Katie Kirk     Yes
Katy Relph    Yes  
Keith Garrett Yes   Yes
Kenneth Sandman   Yes  
Kristina Bifiani     Yes
L Catchpole     Yes
Laura Brightman   Yes  
Laura Dalloway     Yes
Laurens Geffert Yes    
Lily Chang     Yes
Lisa Dawson     Yes
Liz Elder     Yes
Liz Haslemere     Yes
Maddy Scragg     Yes
Maggie Frainier     Yes
Manja Neumann     Yes
Manu Signer     Yes
Martine Kushner    Yes  
Matt Pooley Yes    
Matthew Adams Yes    
Meg Richards     Yes
Megan Lee     Yes
Michael Foulkes     Yes
Mia Hartwell Yes    
Miffy Mifloat   Yes Yes
Mike Hunter     Yes
Mike Worth     Yes
Miranda Fyfe    Yes  
Nahum Clements Yes    
Nida Ziauddeen Yes    
Nigel Woodcock Yes   Yes
Ola Wlodek    Yes  
Oli Frazer     Yes
Patricia Verrier Yes    
Patricia Sadler     Yes
Paul Beesley Yes    
Peter Wilkinson     Yes
Phil Gunning Yes    
Priya Crosby   Yes  
Rachel Dolman Yes    
Rachel Grewcock    Yes  
Rachel McLeish Yes    
Riham Al Ismaili     Yes
Rodney Atkinson     Yes
Ro Thompson   Yes  
Robbie Catton Yes    
Robert Nimmo Yes Yes Yes
Rosie Tween   Yes  
Roz FitzGerald     Yes
Russell Free Yes    
Ruth Howlett Yes   Yes
Sammi Tarling    Yes  
Sarah Matthews Yes   Yes
Sara Russo   Yes  
Sebb Hathaway    Yes Yes
Serena Ward     Yes
Sid Gandhi     Yes
Sofia Cicolecchia   Yes  
Sonja Kinna     Yes
Sophia Wichtowska   Yes  
Soraya Butt     Yes
Stacey Holloway   Yes  
Stephanie Riach Yes    
Steve Millar Yes    
Susannah Clements   Yes Yes
Susan Rutter     Yes
Suzanne Emerson Yes    
Tash Holdaway     Yes
Tammy Finnigan Yes   Yes
Tim Holt Yes    
Tracey Allison    Yes  
Trish Reed Yes   Yes
Tristan Hughes    Yes  
Twm Stone    Yes  
Veronica Rodriguez Tribaldos Yes    
Will Miller     Yes
Zac Whitelaw     Yes
Zara Parr    Yes