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The association is the umbrella organisation for all local affiliated rowing Clubs in the county of Cambridgeshire. It looks after the interests of the local rowing community as well as providing facilities and events for them. 

On this site you will find links to websites for the affiliated clubs for the Cambridgeshire Rowing Association, news from local rowing clubs, and infomation and links to details of local rowing events.




..but Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are still on, with all divisions rowing all three days

As you may be aware the Met Office currently has a red weather warning for extreme heat that covers the Cambridge area on Monday and Tuesday (https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/weather/warnings-and-advice/uk-warnings#?date=2022-07-19&id=b01e382c-77dc-4ac0-9ba4-d81c80dd1690) .  Having further reviewed the forecast and warnings the bumps committee have made the decision that the safest thing to do is cancel Monday and Tuesdays racing.
The event will be run over 3 days with all divisions rowing Wednesday/Thursday/Friday.

  Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri
M1 -   20:45 20:45 20:45
W1 -   20:10 20:10 20:10
M2   - 19:35 19:35 19:35
W2   - 18:55 18:55 18:55
M3     18:15 18:15 18:15
W3     17:35 17:35 17:35
If you need to update M3/W3 crews entries on  the database due to this change please do so.  As far as the database is concerned all crews will race day 2, 3 and 4.
We trust you understand our decision.    Please let us know if you have any questions, stay safe and hydrated and we will see you on Wednesday.
The bumps committee are reviewing the situation and want to ensure all clubs and crews are aware of the warning and potential health risks of extreme heat. We will continue to monitor the forecast and on Monday and Tuesday will monitor the actual conditions.
Advice for clubs and crews
  • We'd ask all clubs to make sure their crews are prepared for high temperatures. Even though racing is in the evening temperatures are still expected to be extremely high and many competitors may not have been able to avoid spending the day exposed to the heat before arriving to race.
  • This warning also applies to your marshalls, coaches, bank party and other volunteers, please make sure everyone involved is taking suitable precautions such as remaining hydrated, wearing appropriate clothing and finding shade where possible.
  • The committee will be providing an additional supply of water at race control that can be used if needed for refilling water bottles but please make sure everyone has a good supply of water.
  • Regardless of any decision on cancelling a division we'd encourage each club and crew to do their own assessment of their ability to cope with the conditions and if they have any concerns they can withdraw from racing on that day by contacting race control.
Options we will consider in the event of extremely high temperatures are cancelling divisions or an entire day of racing. Our current plan is to send an update on Monday lunchtime based on the latest forecast and observed conditions. 

We will communicate any decision via the CRA website and the bump contacts for the CRA Town Rowing Clubs.  Please ensure that you check your email for these.


Osier Holt Enclosure

For Bumps week the CRA will have an enclosure at First Post Corner in Fen Ditton which gives an excellent view of the races, and we will be pleased to welcome competitors' families and non-participating members of CRA clubs to watch from a somewhat safer vantage point than the towpath. Well-behaved children are welcome, and parents are reminded that children remain their responsibility whilst in the enclosure. Well behaved dogs are also welcome, but MUST be kept on leads, and any mess cleared up. If you bring a dog please DO NOT let it swim in the river.


Bill Key will be launching his book, “Eyes in the Boat” on the Tuesday evening and copies will be available from then and for the rest of the week.

The enclosure will be open each evening from 30 minutes before the first race. The gate will be locked 30 minutes after the final division of the evening, so please ensure you have removed your car from the site by then.


Our arrangements for each evening are very informal. You are welcome to bring a picnic, but no barbecues please. Please ensure that no glass of any sort is brought on to the site, as livestock is kept on it for the remainder of the year – so no glass wine glasses, or wine/beer etc in glass bottles. Decant into plastic containers before you leave home. Please take any rubbish home with you. There are toilets on site.


There are no tables and chairs in the enclosure so we suggest you bring folding chairs or a rug, to ensure you have somewhere to sit for the evening.

 The gate to the field is manned and we need to know expected numbers for each night.

Please book via Eventbrite, using the links below.

Monday: https://bit.ly/Bumps18July

Tuesday: https://bit.ly/Bumps19July

Wednesday: https://bit.ly/Bumps20July

Thursday: https://bit.ly/Bumps21July

Friday: https://bit.ly/Bumps22July


Please book an enclosure ticket for each member of your party, be they adult or child, and a car park ticket for each vehicle you expect to bring. It would be helpful if you could bring as few cars as possible for the size of your party, as the car park’s capacity is finite.


Car parking is £2 per car, payable at the gate by cash or card. Please ensure you print or download your car park ticket and bring it with you to obtain this discounted rate. Anyone without their car park ticket will be charged the full general rate of £5 per car.


To get to the First Post Enclosure in Fen Ditton you drive past the Plough PH and it is on the left almost at the end of the road – postcode CB5 8SX.


Division race times are available here (please note that there is no M4/W4 division this year - the earliest races will therefore start at 17:35)

The enclosure will be hosted by CRA Vice-President Claire Berryman. If you need further information, or have difficulties with booking via Eventbrite please contact her: cberryman@btopenworld.com



Very recently, a collision between two VIII's at night, downstream of Ditton Corner, resulted in serious injuries to some rowers, which required hospital treatment.  This was in spite of both crews taking some precautions to prevent such a collision, AND in the presence of bank-party.  Because of this, we need to remind ALL CLUBS of the clauses in the Constitution of the Cambridgeshire Rowing Association that govern night-time rowing:  These state the following:

11.1 All clubs should conduct their rowing and sculling activities in accordance with the British Rowing Code of Practice on Water Safety.

At all times in poor visibility (i.e. after sunset and early morning) rowing and sculling boats shall have a white light fixed to the bow and to the stern and visible through 360 deg.

In addition a non flashing red light MUST also be fitted in the stern, to provide an indication of the direction of travel to observing crews. The use of high visibility clothing, particularly by bow, is also strongly recommended.

NOTE:  Lights should be fitted where indicated,  and not to riggers or head bands.  They should be of such a brightness and orientation that they will not dazzle approaching crews.

 At a meeting of the delegates of the CRA held on 13th January 2021 it was unanimously recommended that:

1. Crews should not go beyond Ditton Corner at night unless the ambient brightness (from the moon and stars) gives sufficient visibility, and weather conditions (eg fog) do not impede visibility.  

2. Crews should always be accompanied by someone on the bank who is both willing and able to shout warnings to crews. 

3. It is further recommended that a mobile phone is carried by at least one crewmember in case of emergency, and that a spare light is carried in case of light-failure 


Please ensure that your crews follow these recommendations for all outings conducted in low-light and night-time conditions.   We do not want to have to announce any more injuries (or worse) on our river that are the result of entirely avoidable accidents.












   The Bumps



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