Code Of Conduct For Anglers & Rowers Using The River Cam

This code is endorsed by the Cambridge University Combined Boat Clubs (CUCBC), the Cambridgeshire Rowing Association (CRA) and the Cambridge Fish Preservation & Angling Society Ltd (CFPAS).

It is essential that every Association, Club and Society Member should abide by the spirit of this Code. It is intended to promote the greater safe enjoyment of the river amenity so as not to unduly disrupt or disturb others appreciating the facility.

    1. Courtesy is required between all the parties. Should any dispute arise and it becomes necessary for the parent clubs to intervene, anglers and rowers should exchange names and club membership and refer the dispute details to their respective parent body.
    2. The Angling Society will publish dates of the main rowing events and will endeavour to ensure that no fishing will take place between the Pike & Eel and Baits Bite Lock on the published dates.
    3. The Rowing Association / CUCBC will publish dates of the main fishing matches and will endeavour to ensure that no rowing takes place during the times of the fishing matches which will normally be between 10.00am to 3.30pm unless otherwise stated and 10am until 1pm for the Junior Angling Tournaments. The Angling Society should advise when major or national matches are taking place and in these cases rowers will be advised of the particular importance to avoid these times.
    4. Rowing coaches are asked to ensure that they do not halt crews for instruction purposes immediately adjacent to anglers. Anglers in turn should avoid swims adjacent to recognised starting and finishing posts.
    5. Subject to the river conditions and being clear of obstructions, crews are asked not to turn boats immediately opposite anglers.
    6. All parties to be mindful of the peace and quiet enjoyed by residents on or close to the river.
    7. All parties to show consideration to other water users and to the public using the halingway.
    8. The halingway must not be blocked by fishing tackle or rowing equipment. Parking of trailers or vehicles adjacent to the halingway should be carried out with respect to others.
  • It is important for all river users to understand how narrow the river is in places. At some points it is barely possible for two eights to pass each other safely particularly near moorings. Rowers are asked to make every effort to avoid fishing lines but anglers must be aware of their difficulty and be prepared to move their tackle to avoid damage. Roach poles are of particular concern and anglers should lift these in good time when rowers approach. Anglers should avoid fishing on tight bends, as boats are unable to keep clear.


  1. CRA clubs are asked to keep rowing below Baits Bite to a minimum.
  2. University Rowing below Baits Bite Lock is restricted to first boats, and any other boats in the top two divisions of the CUCBC May Bumps.
  3. In the Michaelmas and Lent terms no University boat may paddle below Baits Bite Lock between 8.30am and 1.00pm or after 4.30pm on any weekday.



  • Pete Convey Cambridge University Combined Boat Clubs (CUCBC)
  • Bill Key Cambridgeshire Rowing Association (CRA)
  • Lacy Anderson Cambridge Fish Preservation & Angling Society Ltd (CFPAS)

Date: 25 September 2003

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