Notable dates and number of days racing to be agreed at the October delegates meeting.


Monday 31 January – Final date for Clubs to submit their suggestions for new or amended Rules to the Bumps Committee – existing Rule and text of the proposed new Rule to be stated in full – with a summary of reasons for requesting a change.

Wednesday 15 February (14 days before review meeting – assumes 1 March delegates meeting) – Draft Rules for acceptance/rejection by the Delegates to be circulated to all Clubs.

Tuesday 28 February - Clubs to notify the Bumps Committee and the Webmaster of their Appointed Bumps Contact for 2023.

Wednesday 1 March – 20.00 - Delegates meeting to accept/reject Rules.

TBC with bumps contacts – pre-entry meeting

Thursday 25 May – Names for consideration as dispensations to have been sent to the Bumps Committee and entered on the website.

Thursday 8 June – Delegates meeting at 19.30 to consider dispensations.

Sunday 25 June (22 days before event)– No later than 18.00 Entries to have been received by the Bumps Committee in accordance with the Rules.

Thursday 6 July – CRA Time Race.  Any Club or crew seeking a position in the Bumps by entering the Time Race must declare the fact and the names of the crew concerned to the Bumps Committee.

Friday 7 July – Bumps committee meeting to finalise Order by 19.30.

Saturday 8 July (9 days before event) – No later than 18.00 The names of the individual rowers in each crew must be entered on the CRA’s website. Deadline for Programme.

Friday 14 July – Objections to crew composition to be notified, by email with reasons, to the Bumps Committee by 17.00

Thursday 13 July – Coxes meeting ** 8PM BST

Friday 14 July – Marshals meeting **8PM BST

Saturday 15 July (2 days before event)– Last minute, i.e. exceptional, changes to crews to be notified to the Bumps Committee and to the Club Organisers list by email by 12.00 (noon)

Sunday 16 July – Any objections to be notified by email to the Bumps Committee by 09.00

Sunday 16 July - Marshal Meeting **6PM BST

Sunday 16 July – Coxes meeting ** 7PM BST

Monday 17 July – Bumps first night.

Wednesday 26 July – Wash-up meeting at Nines boathouse – 19.30