2023 Dispensations

 The folllowing dispensations were approved at the CRA delegates meeting on 8th June 2023:

Alice Dyson
Clara Green
Aimee Ugur
Jennie Astley
Anna Stirk
Ondrej Cervinka (note: Only 2.6 if has raced for non CRA Club after Vesta Vets Head)
Tom Hurrell
Denis Barbov
Jeni Barnacle
Miguel Beneitez
Harry Rogers
Laura Burton
Katherine Watson
Anna Smart


The following seat share (rule 2.3) applications were approved:

Lucio Cicolecchia 
Fergus Carrington
Kat Astley


The following do not need approval of dispensations:

Sheila Bhatt - 2.5a
Susan Brown - 2.5c
Adrian Tollett - 2.5c

The following were not approved:

Jess Allen
Rachel Barton


The following dispensations have been submitted and will be reviewed at the CRA delegates meeting on Thursday 8th June:

Club Full Name Date joined CRA club Reason for Dispensation Races between 1st Jan 2023 and the deadline for application for dispensation with CRA Club Races since 1st Jan 2023 for any other clubs Does this person intend to race for any non-CRA club between the deadline for application and the CRA town bumps? Any Other Information
Cantabrigian Alice Dyson 01/02/2022 2.6 Has been away for Cambridge for 7 months and is about to return.
Alice joined Cantabs early last year and trained and raced with us until required to spend the last 7 months in New Zealand for work. She rowed with a NZ club while she was away to keep up her fitness. Next month will be returning to her home in Cambridge and will resume rowing with Cantabs, so would very much appreciated a dispensation to race in Town Bumps. 
None (she has been in NZ throughout) For Avon RC (NZ):
January 2023 Canterbury Championships, Women's Club 8+
January 2023 South Island Club Championships, Women's Club 8+ and 4x
February 2023 Club National Championships, Women's Club 8+, 4x, 4-, 2x
Cantabrigian Clara Green 01/03/2023 Rule 2.6 Former student who is now a CRA club member (no CUCBC bumps in 2023).
Clara joined Cantabs in March 2023, when she stopped being a student. She had previously rowed for Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge, but now she is no longer a student she rows solely with Cantabs.
May 2023 Champs Eights Head 8+ - CRA W Club A For Lucy Cavendish College BC:
January 2023 Winter Head to Head, 8+ Women - College (Club)
February 2023 Newnham Head, W8+ College Lents Lower;
February 2023 Bedford Eights and Fours Head, Women's Eights (Band 4); 
February 2023 Pembroke Regatta, W1 Division.
No In June Clara will be racing in a Cantabs crew in the Peterborough Spring Regatta, and possibly at Henley Women's Regatta (TBC)
Cantabrigian Aimee Ugur 01/01/2021 Rule 2.6 Learned to row with Cantabs as a junior but didn't race in bumps.
Aimee learnt to row with Cantabs in 2018 as a junior whilst at Hills Road SFC. She took part in the second of the two Learn To Row courses we run for them each academic year. Because she was in the second course, she was not experienced enough to row in the Bumps that year. She was inspired to continue rowing at UEA and has since rowed for them during term and for us during the holidays when she is back in her family home. Although originally a junior with us, she did not have the opportunity to gain the one year's Bumps experience that would have meant she qualified under 2.5a. We would ask the delegates to grant her a dispensation so that she is not penalised for this timing issue.
The delegates graciously granted Aimee with a dispensation to row in CRA Bumps in 2022.
None For University of East Anglia BC:
February 2023 Peterborough Head W4+ (Short course)
February 2023 Norwich Head W1x
April BUCS W Intermediate 1x
Yes Aimee might race at HWR with UEA but this not yet confirmed.
Cantabrigian Jennie Astley 15/08/2019 Rule 2.6 Would have been eligible under 2.5.a. if COVID pandemic hadn't caused cancellation of Bumps 2020.
Jennie has been a member of Cantabs from 2019 and would have raced in 2020 CRA Bumps if they had taken place. She raced in the 2021 CRA Bumps. Since then she has been a full-time student at Oxford University. Were it not for the pandemic, Jennie would have had the opportunity to participate in two years of Bumps before becoming a student and therefore would be eligible for Bumps when she is back in Cambridge for the summer under rule 2.5a. Last year the delegates graciously granted a dispensation on these grounds and Jenny raced in the 2022 CRA bumps and seeks dispensation to race again this year.
April 2023 Head of the Cam, M Club A 8+ Oxford University: April 2023 BUCS W Intermediate 2-   Yes Due to other commitments including the wedding of a close friend, Jennie will only be available to race on one or two nights, so would probably only be able to go onto our substitutes list. 
Cantabrigian Jess Allen 01/06/2022 Rule 2.6. Student back home for the holidays (but who didn't learn to row until at university)
Jess joined Cantabs in summer 2022, having learned to row at Plymouth University that year. She's originally from Cambridge, and in the past dispensations have been granted for people who would've been exempt under 2.5a but learned to row when they went to university rather than as a junior. Jess rowed with us all through last summer, including racing for us, and trains with us over the holidays when she is back living in her family home in Cambridge. 
None For Plymouth University RC:
February 2023 University of Bristol Head W Intermediate 8+
March 2023 WEHORR 8+ Challenge Academic
March 2023 Gloucester Head W 4x
May 2023 BUCS Regatta W Intermediate 4+, W Intermediate 2-
Yes There is the possibility of Jess racing HWR with Plymouth, but this is not yet confirmed.
Cantabrigian Anna Stirk 01/09/2022 Rule 2.6 Raced in a non-CRA crew on a single occasion.
Anna has been rowing for Cantabs since finishing her undergraduate degree last year, and has raced for Cantabs regularly. She was a last minute sub for Peterhouse (her old college) for Champs Eights Head - an event which her Cantabs squad were not racing in.
January 2023 Winter League 1 8+
February 2023 Winter League 2 8+
March 2023 Winter League 3 8+
April 2023 Head to Head 8+
April 2023 City Sprints 8+"
Peterhouse College BC: May 2023 Champs Eights Head 8+  "8, Mays W2 Female"  No  
Chesterton Ondrej Cervinka 01/07/2015 Ondrej, joined us as a beginner in 2015. He rowed every bumps from 2016 to 2022 in our M2. He moved to Peterborough in December 2022. He joined Peterborough RC in Jan 2023, whilst continuing his Chesterton membership. None Lincoln Head, Vesta Vets Head. Yes
Xpress Sheila Bhatt 01/01/1993 Sheila has rowed in every CRA Town bumps since 1991, firstly for Pye RC (back when Pye RC existed, and the Ladies rowed bumps in IVs) , then for Free Press BC, then Xpress BC, and occasionally for St. Radegund.   She has competed in countless CRA  and BR events for Xpress BC, both on-cam and off-cam.  She joined Darwin College as a full-time PhD student in 2020, and will graduate in 2024.   Because Darwin College BC are extremely short of rowers this year, she has been asked to row in their W2 boat for at least two nights in the May bumps this year.  However, Xpress BC also require her to row in their crews for the town bumps.  She doesn't want to let either club down.

It would appear from the rules that she unequivocally qualifies to row in the CRA Town Bumps under rule 2.5.   She has rowed in every Town bumps for over 30 continuous years, even if she obliges DCBC and rows in the Mays.  She also qualifies under 2.5a (as she had rowed in the CRA Town bumps for > 2 years before "going to college"), 2.5c (as she has rowed in the CRA Town bumps for 32 years) and also satisfies the exemption to 2.5d as she meets the requirements of 2.5a.  So there would not appear to be any need to apply for a dispensation for her under 2.6.

Nevertheless, Xpress BC considers it good etiquette to flag this situation via a dispensation request.
Sheila has not competed so far this year at all with any club Sheila has not competed so far this year at all with any club Yes The only non-CRA race Sheila will be rowing in between now and CRA Bumps is Mays, but she has raced CRA Bumps for over 30 years with Xpress/Free Press/Radegund/Pye
Cantabrigian Lucio Cicolecchia 01/01/2009 Rule 2.3 Seat Share in First Division N/A None No Lucio is a regular racing member of our Aquaphobes crew and has rowed in the Bumps for more than 10 years. This year his daughter is graduating on the last day of Bumps and he obviously intends to be there. So we would like to share his seat with another rower from the squad, yet to be identified. Last year Aquaphobes rowed in the first division and it is likely that they will do so again this year. We are therefore appying for a dispensation to share the seat as a precaution. We will ensure that his replacement is also eligible under the Bumps rules.
Cantabrigian Fergus Carrington 01/09/2021 Rule 2.3 Seat Share in First Division N/A None No Fergus is a member of our Hills Road Mens first boat which will almost certainly be rowing in the first division. He is also a member of Robs and hopes to complete for them in the National Junior Championships the weekend before the Bumps in Strathclyde. It is possible that the logistics will prevent him from getting back to Cambridge in time to race on the first night, and so we are applying for a dispensation to seat share as a precaution. This will allow him to respresent Cambridge Juniuor rowing at a national level. We do not know yet which student will replace him on the first night, if indeed it proves necessary. We will ensure that any replacement is also eligible under the Bumps rules.
Isle of Ely Rachel Barton 28/07/2022 2.6a None - University student Rowed for University of Leeds at:
Head of the Trent
BUCS Regatta
Tees Regatta
Yes Rachel has been a member of Isle of Ely since 28 July 2022. She learnt to row at Leeds during 2021/2022. She trains at Ely during breaks from college but hasn't been able to enter any races for the club. Her family are local to Ely. We would like to give her the opportunity to row in one of our crews for Bumps.
At BUCS head she finished 18th in intermediate 8s (2nd 8)
At Head of the Trent she finished 3rd in Band 4 (2nd 8)
At WeHORR she finished 127th (2nd 8)
At BUCS regatta she finished 2nd in E final (1st 8)
At Tees regatta she finished 1st in band 1 (1st 4x)
St Neots Tom Hurrell 30/06/2021 2.6 None Durham Small Boats Head (03/02/2023), Rutherford Head (03/12/2022), BUCS Regatta (29/04/2023) for St Cuthberts Society Boat Club. Yes Tom will be in Division 2 boat. Tom learnt to row at St Neots Rowing Club in  2021 before going to uni at Durham where he is studying and racing for St Cuthberts Society Boat Club. Same as last year, Tom is coming back for the summer break and planning to race for St Neots at St Neots regatta 22/23 of July.
Cantabrigian Denis Barbov 01/09/2021 Rule 2.6 Head of the River and Winter League Poplar Regatta (14th May) with Poplar and District Rowing Club Yes Denis joined Cantabs in 2021 as a novice and learnt to row with the club, He has raced for us many times over the last 18 months including in last year's Bumps. In April he had to relocate to London for work and so he joined Poplar, Blackwall and District Rowing Club and has raced for them once. He would like to race for us in the Bumps on the Friday night to finish off his Cambridge rowing career. He has one more planned race with Poplar before the Bumps (Peterborough Regatta). Had he joined us a year earlier he would not have needed this dispensation, and so we hope the Delegates will allow him to race for us again. If granted a dispensation we beleive he will either cover for Lucio in Aquaphobes (see our other application) or row in a lower boat outside of the first division.
Cambridge Veterans Jeni Barnacle  25/05/2023 2.5b is closest None Leicester regatta.23/4/23. MasF sculls Norwich RC No The crew is for sentimental reasons…we are remembering Rachael Ancliff who loved racing in the Town Bumps and ladies who have raced with her over the years would like to be part of the crew. Jeni is one of them who has been a regular COW and done some subbing in town bumps in previous years
Cambridge Veterans Kat Astley 01/01/2015 2.3 seat share None None No The crew is coming together to remember Rachael Ancliff who loved racing in the Town Bumps. Kat was a regular member of the crews with Rachael but no longer lives in Cambridge so can only manage to escape Wales for one night of the Bumps. 
Cambridge Veterans Susan Brown 01/01/2006 2.5c Durham Small Boats Head 3/2/23 Mas C 2x (XPress BC) Evesham Regatta 29/04/23. MasD quad Bristol Ariel Yes When we visit our daughter in Bristol I have been allowed to guest with Masters ladies from Bristol Ariel and when one of their quad crew was unable to race at Evesham due to a medical issue they asked me to sub. I am going to race with them again at the British Masters in June. I do wish to be part of the COWs crew that is remembering Rachael Ancliff for sentimental reasons, she was a good friend and loved racing in the Town Bumps.
Cambridge 99's Miguel Beneitez 01/06/2022 Rule 2.6 Head of the River Race 8+
Norwich Head 8+
Winter League 1,2,3, 8+ and 4+
Head of the Cam 8+
City Sprints 4+
Christ's (Camb), getting on race, 8+ boat did not get on
Christ's Alumni, Head of the Cam
No My races with other clubs were last minute substitutions and I've not engaged in consistent racing/training with any other non-CRA club. 
Cambridge 99's Harry Rogers 01/06/2022 Rule 2.6 Winter League 1, Open Club A 8+
Norwich Head, 8+ Band 1
Winter League 2, Open Club A 8+
Winter League 2, Open Club A 4+
Winter League 3, Open Club A 8+
HoRR, Club 8+
City Sprints, Open 4+
Bedford Regatta, Open 8+ Band 4

At time of filling out, have entered but have not yet raced (band/category unknown):
Peterborough Spring Regatta, 4+
Peterborough Spring Regatta, 8+
Peterborough Spring Regatta, 2x
Peterborough Spring Regatta, 8+
"All races are with Fitzwilliam College:
Winter League 1, Open Club B 8+
Newnham Head, 8+ College Lents Lower
Bedford Head, Open 8+ Band 4 Group A
Bedford Head, Open 8+ Band 4 Group B"
No I used to study at and learnt to row at Fitzwilliam college (graduated summer 2022, and am now full time member at Nines). I help out with coaching some lower boats at Fitz. I also sometimes sub into outings, and sometimes races at the last minute if they can't find anyone within college to do so, to allow them to get out on the water. I am not a regular member of a boat at Fitz, and won't racing with them or any other non-CRA club between now and town bumps.
Cantabrigian Laura Burton 01/09/2017 Rule 2.6. Returning junior doing a pre-university gap year (who would be eligible under 2.5a if her course had started).
Laura learned to row as a junior in Cambridge and raced in CRA bumps in 2021. After her A-levels in 2022 she was accepted ontp a degree course by Yale University and agreed a pre-university gap year. She has only been back at the family home for a week this year so wasn't able to race with a CRA club. Laura is asking the delegates if she could have this chance to race bumps with her school friends as she isn't sure when she will be able to return from the USA over the next few summers.
None For Leander Club:
12 Mar 23 Pre-Boat Races fixture against Blondie in a Leander "B" crew
13-14 May 23 Wedau Regatta - Women's 4x
30 May 23 Wallingford Regatta - W Challenge 4x- 
City of Cambridge Katherine Watson 01/09/2009 2.5b - has raced more than twice for a non-CRA club at a non-CRA event N/A Quintin Head
Hammersmith Head
Wallingford Regatta
Yes Former junior at City, came back for bumps while at University. Family still row at the club and she is keen to continue supporting the club
City of Cambridge Anna Smart 01/09/2008 2.5b - has rowed more than twice for a non-CRA club at non-CRA events N/A Quintin Head
Hammersmith Head
Wallingford Regatta
Yes Former junior at City. Came back and rowed during university. Family still involved with the club
City of Cambridge Adrian Tollett 11/11/1111 2.5b Peterborough Head of the Nene
Norwich Head Of The River
Bedford Spring Fours & Small Boats Head
Nottingham Masters & Club Regatta
Walton & Weybridge Regatta
Not sure but maybe a few times representing Staines. No Masters H sculler and has been a member for ages. Might actually be eligible but he also rows for Staines and I haven't had confirmation from him that he's entered anything with Staines