Bumps Coxes

Below is a list of all coxes that have attended a coxes briefing in 2023.  Please ensure all coxes attend a coxes meeting in 2023.  If their name is not on this list they will not be able to race

Coxes meetings will take place via Zoom.  Please contact your club rep or the bumps committee for the meeting details

  • Thursday 13th July 8pm
  • Sunday 16th July 7pm

Registration will be by singing in on the zoom chat - instructions will be given in the meeting

Coxes instructions can be downloaded here: 2023 Coxing Instructions

The following coxes have attended a meeting in 2023:

Adrian Doggett
Adam Bowler
Aiden Chan
Alex Penkul
Amy Henfrey
Amelia Mitchell
Andreas Bedorf
Andrew Knight
Bernie Shannon
Bruce Bye
Bryony Randall
Caitriona Quigley
Callum Mantell
Cara Hanman
Caroline Stoop
Carrie Frazer
Cate Dyble
Catherine Wyman
Cat Watts
Catrin Darsley
Charli King
Charlie Ferguson
Charlie Lamb (W)
Charlotte Heeley
Charlotte Parr
Chris Godbehere
Christian Schosland
Civia Chen
David Levien
Dave Richards
Dave Rigler
Didem Yildirim
Didem Yilidrim
Edit Gyori
Elle Dales
Emily Irvine (W)
Emily Parry
Emma Smith
Emma White
Felicity Parker
Felix Opolka
Freya Jenkinson
Gemma Eastham
Gemma-Claire Albier
Gloria Yang
Grace Donkin
Hanadi Jabado
Holly Parkes
Hugh Foley
Isabel Nimmo
Jack Nicholas
Jackie Sands (W)
James Bate
Jess Upton
Joan Pang
John Wally
Jon Anderson
Julie Hogg
Karthikeya Deshmukh
Kate Bourne
Katie Connan
Keith Garrett
Laura Brightman
Laura Dallaway
Laura Grimwood
Laura Kulagowska
Leah McHugh
Leena Mueller-Koegler
Lisl Tudor
Louis Baxter
Louis De Neve
Louise Luo
Luke Barratt
Luke Pattison
Lynn Clift
Lyz Porteous
Madi Gordon
Madelaine Scragg
Maria Chukanova
Marianna Kaimaki
Mark Jacobs
Martha Rodgers
Matt Wigmore
Meg Richards
Mia Hartwell
Miguel Beneitez
Molly Wilson
Natalie Nickells
Nigel Woodcock
Nina Ridgeon
Olli Boyne
Olli Frazer
Omar Terrywell
Philippa Slay
Rachel Lewis
Rachel Newby
Rob Kendrick
Rosie Tween
Roy Cooper
Sam Clark
Sammi Tarling
Sara Russo
Sarah Matthews
Sarah Newell
Shannon O'Shea
Shaun Wilson
Simon Emmings
Sophie Spencer
Stefan Tucker
Steph Metzger
Stephen Green
Susanne Schulze
Susie Clements
Tamsin O'Connell
Tamzin Byrne
Taty Stockwell
Thea Carruthers
Tilly Tennant
Tom Grimble
Tommy Hodgson
Trevor Cave
Ursula Arndt
Will Miller
William Connolley
Woody Lam
Yulia Bykhovets
Zaynab Ahmed (W)